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Linguatronics has been providing digital language teaching solutions to education and industry since 1991. Our flagship system, Genesis, is used in language labs and classrooms throughout the world. Our Cloud-based service, KoBLü, expands your teaching opportunities to any virtual location on the planet, giving you the freedom and flexibility to teach on campus or from a remote mountain-top.  

At Linguatronics, we believe that technology is integral to effective language instruction. Human interaction is also absolutely essential in the process. By accommodating face-to-face interaction while in a digital virtual environment, our Genesis and KoBLü language training systems provide the best of both worlds - human interaction with collaborative digital technology. All different learning styles can be accommodated in any environment. In addition to language training systems, Linguatronics offers the best in language training content software, including English Discoveries for ESL learners and WorldView for foreign language learners. In any language learning environment, high-quality headsets are a key ingredient in making the learning experience productive and enjoyable. Linguatronics distributes Labstar headsets - the best language learning headsets in the world.


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Kind Words From Around the World

We are proud to have English Discoveries in our college ESL computer lab, which stands out in the San Joaquin Valley as a showcase lab and regularly receives academic professional visitations... I want to commend you and your staff on your accessibility. We have always had a fast turn-around time in our communications with your office. The software is comprehensive, accurate, and interactive, all features that make it a superior addition to our curriculum. I would gladly recommended it to other colleagues and institutions.

Nancy Frampton
ESL Lab Coordinator/Reedley College

I have been very impressed with the responsiveness and overall customer service that I have received from Linguatronics over the years. In the high-stakes testing business, quality and reliability is of the utmost importance when it comes to our equipment. Linguatronics has always delivered a quality product in a timely manner, sometimes on short notice, and always at the best possible price.

Tracy Reynolds
Evaluation Systems/Pearson VUE

Here at LaGuardia Community College, we have the Linguatronics Genesis system, and it has been an outstanding success. It is so much more flexible than our old tape lab, where all the students could do was listen and repeat drilling exercises. As you can imagine, trying to keep students focused for an entire hour of drill work was next to impossible. Now, with the new digital lab, not only can we have students do drill work, we can have them do pair work, group work, record themselves giving presentations, work with the Blackboard system and so much more. The students love it, especially the random pairing and group work functions. Classes are much more lively, with a greater interaction between students and students and lab instructors. Students also like that they can record themselves practicing a presentation and listen to it immediately. Also, using the instructor broadcast feature, students can present to the entire class, using PowerPoint or showing web pages. Professors have remarked that students are actually looking forward to going to the lab, something they've never done before. We have also used it to play VHS tapes and DVDs. In fact, we had a Media Studies class in the lab. The lab not only allows students more freedom, it encourages creativity amongst the faculty: we have people incorporating Blackboard in their classes more and more, knowing that their students can come here and use the lab. I've also used the pairing/group function to have students give each other feedback. Overall, I cannot say enough about the Linguatronics lab. It is a lot of fun to work with.

Sean Palmer
Manager/LGCC Language Lab

Genesis' effectiveness as a language learning tool is wonderful! Although nobody is required to use the lab, the number of faculty who would like to use the lab to teach their classes exceeds the capacity. It's a great system. We are very happy with Genesis and Linguatronics. 

Marsha Chan
ESL Lab Coordinator/Mission College


What We Can Do For You

Whether you need a complete language lab system, language classroom or a virtual language classroom in the cloud, Linguatronics has a solution for you...

Language Labs

Traditional language laboratories existed in one basic form for over 50 years -- analog tape recorders in isolated carrels. Computer technology created a paradigm shift in language labs in the early 1990's. Linguatronics was founded upon this new paradigm and was the first system provider to develop completely digital language lab systems built around modern computers.

Language Classrooms

Digital Language Laboratories have evolved in many organizations to become Language Classrooms.  These 21st century classrooms combine the best of laboratory and classroom capabilities to form a digital classroom geared towards language learning.  Linguatronics has led the way in Language Classroom development worldwide with its Genesis and KoBLü language teaching solutions.

Virtual Classrooms

With KoBLü Language Cloud, you can create, control and manage entire courses in a language training environment. Because Koblü creates a virtual environment, it can be used from anywhere on the planet where an internet connection is available. Koblü includes a web conference module for online interaction, screen sharing, face-to-face dialog and collaboration.

AP Testing

Linguatronics solutions provide electronic testing for AP exams and other popular tests.  Instructor-controlled audio recording and file collection capabilities allow students to be tested simultaneously and their results saved to a secure, centralized location with just a few button-clicks. Linguatronics systems are used in High Schools nationwide for these exams.


Higher Education

Linguatronics has been servicing the Higher Education Market since 1991 with innovative solutions based on educational computer technologies. Linguatronics services higher education customers from New York, NY to Sydney, Australia to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and everywhere in-between.


Primary and Secondary Schools have unique challenges in meeting the needs of all students and leaving no children behind. Our solutions make meeting those challenges easier and more effective. Whether controlling computers in a language lab or providing feedback tools that make language learning fun, Linguatronics has a solution for you.


The world of business has truly become the WORLD of business. Competing in this global environment becomes more challenging, yet more possible every day. Language learning is an integral part of this environment.  Linguatronics solutions are used worldwide to train staff in specific skills unique to their businesses in required foreign languages.


Linguatronics has been servicing the Government Market since 1991 with innovative language training solutions. Governments from the United States to Jordan to Turkmenistan and everywhere in between have purchased Linguatronics solutions for use in foreign language instruction and certification at various ministries and departments.


On-site, On-line & On-time

We help take your project from start to finish...


Linguatronics has been designing language laboratories and language classrooms for over 25 years.  Each of those projects has been unique, and we know yours will be too.  We can help you design your project from the ground up or we can consult at any stage to ensure you are getting the best outcome for your unique circumstance.

When it is time to install your system in a language lab or second language classroom, Linguatronics has many options to meet your particular needs. Linguatronics offers comprehensive, on-site installation services provided by trained technical staff. We provide complete turnkey solutions, including computers, furniture, media servers and networking.  Or we can install and train you on just our systems.  If you decide to install our system yourself, we offer online and telephone installation support to guide you through the process.  Linguatronics will work with you in any way that works for your organization's unique structure and requirements.

During our on-site installation visits, we dedicate a good portion of our time to training your technical staff and end-users on system functionality and usage. These training sessions are hands-on events, giving you valuable experience using the system in authentic situations. If you decide to install your own system, we can make on-site training-only visits to train your staff. Alternatively and additionally, you can use our on-line training service for complete system training or to brush-up on certain skill areas. On-line training is available to registered users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Linguatronics will help your organization design a language lab or language classroom from the ground up.  Or, if you are further along in your project, we can join the design process at any stage you desire, from network design to furniture layout to content and managment selections.


Linguatronics technicians will come to your site and install your new language lab system.  We install complete labs in an empty room, or just the system software to make your lab operational.  We work with you as needed to provide the exact installation services desired for your site.


After the installation is complete, our certified trainers will give you the knowledge and skills needed to make the most of your new language lab or language classroom.  Training sessions provide hands-on use of the system to get you up and running quickly.  We also provide detailed technical training for your IT staff.


Linguatronics offers complete turnkey solutions, including computers, furniture, media servers, networking and complete room installation.  This allows you to conserve your organization's resources for pressing daily IT matters, and allows you to have your lab or classroom completed on schedule and within your budget.

Are you ready to begin your language lab or language classroom project?



Proposals, Purchasing, Grant Ideas

We help make your purchasing decisions easy...


Submit Linguatronics Orders Via Email

For sales, pricing and design information, please submit the contact form below. We will provide you with a prompt, customized quotation for the products and services that meet your specific needs.

We are happy to help you with all phases of the purchasing process -- from design, to specification creation, to customized proposals. We can assist you wherever you are in your project.



Implementing a second language classroom or laboratory is a big commitment, and can require funding sources outside of normal budgets.  The links below provide ideas and resources on how to write funding proposals and where to look for outside funding.

Writing Grant Proposals:

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Finding Funding Sources:

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The Japan Foundation Grants for Language

US Department of Education International Education Programs

US Department of Education Foreign Language Assistance Program

Edward Ford Foundation for Independent Schools

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