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English Discoveries English Learning System

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English Discoveries The Complete ESL Learning Solution

English Discoveries is a customizable, end-to-end English Language Learning solution that has been developed to help address the challenges facing language learners in the 21st century - providing students and educators with effective and user-friendly tools to maximize learning outcomes.  Rated as the most widely-used ESL software in the world, English Discoveries uses advanced multimedia tools for the instruction of English as a second language. It is a comprehensive series that provides a total experience in language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing), specific language activities (Vocabulary and Grammar), and exciting language adventure games. Throughout the series users are exposed to authentic language practice at their own level, while they experience exciting multimedia features including: animation, high-resolution graphics, video, voice recording, and exercises in entertaining formats. 

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English Discoveries Linguatronics Interactive Learning



Linguatronics Digital Language Lab

Cutting-edge Interactive Learning

English Discoveries' learning platform integrates the very latest in multimedia learning technologies with field-proven pedagogical approaches. This unique blended learning approach takes the best from both computer and classroom experiences to create a flexible, comprehensive mode of instruction, designed to suit a wide range of learning styles and abilities.

  • 1000+ hours of engaging, interactive learning
  • 10 CEFR-aligned courses, from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1) levels
  • Topic-based units, covering all language skills, plus grammar and vocabulary
  • Regularly updated content
  • State-of-the-art, video-based speaking and listening activities
  • Optimized for both PCs and tablets

The Community Site offers a social learning space that allows users to connect with other local students or students from around the world in cross-cultural international forums. Language enrichment features, such as word games and idioms, provide additional tools to help students throughout their English learning journey.

Additionally, Edusoft offers a range of English courses geared towards particular professions, industries and groups of learners. English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses are an effective way to acquire context-based English skills using state-of-the-art technology, which reflects real-life situations via our interactive platform. These courses have been designed in collaboration with professionals from each respective industry.

  • Technical English
  • Medical English
  • English for the Hotel Industry / Tourism
  • English at Work
  • Pronunciation
  • Academic English
  • Aviation English

Genesis Digital Language Lab Diagram


English Discovieres Management System

Intelligent Management Systems

English Discoveries' intelligent management systems provide a range of user-friendly, automated monitoring and management tools.

This data-driven learning environment provides actionable information to enable teachers and administrators to improve students' learning outcomes. These tools also help reduce teachers' workloads by providing automated exam scoring, calculation of final grades and generation of real-time reports.English Discoveries' management systems give decision makers complete control of large-scale English learning programs and enable teachers to more easily teach larger numbers of students and classes.

Our management systems include:

  • Authoring Tool and Course Builder, for customization and content creation
  • Teacher Dashboard, which allows teachers to quickly and easily monitor progress and success of classes
  • Simple student registration process
  • Comprehensive reporting system
  • Customizable learning paths for each student
  • Internet/Intranet-based student-teacher communication tools
  • Customization tools for community site features
  • Range of customizable settings

English Discoveries Management System

Linguatronics English Discoveries Classroom Materials

A Full Range of Classroom Materials

English Discoveries is accompanied by a range of printable classroom materials for a complete learning package.

These classroom materials reflect and reinforce the teaching objectives of the online learning content and promote communicative interaction in the classroom. They include:

  • Curriculum
  • Lesson Plans
  • Handouts
  • Workbooks
  • Workbook Answer Keys
  • Guided Discussions
  • Teacher Guides
  • Scope and Sequences

English Discovieres Printed Materials

Linguatronics English Discoveries Professional DevelopmentQuality Professional Development Courses

Linguatronics offers effective, blended learning, technology-enhanced Professional Development courses.

These courses have been adopted by ministries of education and academic institutions worldwide in order to advance the teaching skills and the English language proficiency of classroom teachers. Our modular and customizable, quality Professional Development courses are available for K-12 and higher education teachers and are suitable for in-service teachers.

The courses have several aims, including, familiarizing teachers with 21st century teaching practices, promoting blended learning methodologies, improving teachers’ in-class management skills, and familiarizing teachers with communicative practices. The courses also promote reflective application research tasks to allow teachers constructive feedback and self-evaluation.

Linguatronics’ Professional Development courses were developed as a result of Linguatronics’ extensive experience with English language teachers throughout the world. Using our vast experience in distance and blended learning, Linguatronics has developed a program that addresses the main challenges facing English teachers. It provides an effective, scalable solution for countries and institutions interested in advancing the teaching and language skills of teachers.

The Professional Development courses are implemented and moderated by Linguatronics’ highly experienced Pedagogical Training and Implementation Team. Trainees who fulfill the course requirements will receive an international certificate which is recognized by a growing number of ministries of education.

Linguatronics Teacher Training

Linguatronics English Discoveries Implementation ServicesCustomized to Fit Your Needs

English Discoveries' customizable platform can be adapted to meet the specific needs of both large and small-scale projects.

Our complete solution can be tailored to existing curricula, provides flexible delivery options, and offers teacher and product training. In addition, we offer ongoing technical and pedagogical support throughout the duration of the project, to ensure success.

Customizable Solutions:

  • Localized into 25 languages
  • Optional integration with existing textbooks/national curriculum
  • Various models of implementation (Full Solution, Integrated, Synchronous/Distance)
  • Flexible delivery options (Internet, USB flash drive, mobile, CD/DVD)
  • Integration with local Intranet/LAN
  • Content customizability via Authoring Tool

Comprehensive Services:

  • Project management
  • Onsite training
  • Pedagogical consulting & services (needs analysis, product training, implementation, and ongoing support)
  • Local technical support
  • Textbook/curriculum integration

Linguatronics Implementation Services

Linguatronics English Discoveries CertificationsInnovative, Automated Assessment Tools

English Discoveries' includes automated assessment tools such as Automated Writing Evaluation and Automated Speech Recognition.

Automated Writing Evaluation, based on ETS's industry-leading e-rater® engine, provides detailed, automated feedback on student writing for all writing practice activities.

Automated Speech Recognition provides immediate, detailed feedback on students' pronunciation in all speaking and listening activities.

English Discoveries includes a variety of formative and summative assessments, including a placement test, component tests, and midterm and final tests, all of which are scored automatically. Certification is also offered with the option to customize the certificates for the local client or university.

  • Edusoft’s experience in English Language Learning - combined with ETS’s recognized leadership in the world of assessment - provides the most effective English learning solution in the market today.

Linguatronics Implementation Services



Implementing a second language classroom or laboratory is a big commitment, and can require funding sources outside of normal budgets.  The links below provide ideas and resources on how to write funding proposals and where to look for outside funding.

Writing Grant Proposals:

Grant Proposal Writing Tips

Philanthropy at Independent Schools, Third Edition

Fundraising Basics for Private School Facilities

Big-Time Fundraising for Today's Schools

Capital Financing for Private & Independent Schools

Finding Funding Sources:

Donors Choose

Go Fund Me for Education

Crowdfunding Ideas

US State Department English Language Teaching & Learning

The Japan Foundation Grants for Language

US Department of Education International Education Programs

US Department of Education Foreign Language Assistance Program

Edward Ford Foundation for Independent Schools

Foundation Center Local Funding Support

eSchool News Funding Resources

Verizon Foundation Grant Center

Linguatronics Installation & Training ServicesINSTALLATION & TRAINING

When it is time to install your system in a language lab or second language classroom, Linguatronics has many options to meet your particular needs.

Linguatronics offers comprehensive, on-site installation services provided by trained technical staff.  If you decide to install our system yourself, we offer online and telephone installation support to guide you through the process.

During our on-site installation visits, we dedicate a good portion of our time to training your technical staff and end-users on system functionality and usage.  These training sessions are hands-on events, giving you valuable experience using the system in authentic situations.

If you decide to install your own system, we can make on-site training-only visits to train your staff.  Alternatively and additionally, you can use our on-line training service for complete system training or to brush-up on certain skill areas.  On-line training is available to registered users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Linguatronics Mainenance ContractsANNUAL MAINTENANCE

Keeping your Genesis system and accessories up-to-date is very important.  Many Linguatronics customers enroll in annual or multi-year maintenance contracts in order to keep their systems completely updated.  Computer technologies and operating systems change almost weekly.  It is important to keep your valuable Genesis system in line with these constant changes.

Linguatronics is constantly adding features to our software at customer requests.  In fact, most of our system's features have been suggested by great customers like you.  We want to ensure all of our customers have the newest software versions, so that everyone can share in the latest functions and features.

Linguatronics can design a maintenance plan that is right for you and your organization.  We will take into consideration your available technical staff, remote update possibilities and your standard upgrade procedures in creating your maintenance plan.

Please contact us to discuss your ongoing maintenance needs or to create a new plan for your organization.

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