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Pronunciation Power

Improve your pronunciation skills with Pronunciation Power.  This software package allows you to practice English pronunciation skills interactively and in a way like no other system.  Pronunciation Power is the industry standard in pronunciation skills training.

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Pronunciation Power at Linguatronics



Pronunciation Power 1

Pronunciation Power 1

*includes 8 in 1 English Dictionary - Translations in 12 languages*

  • Improve your English pronunciation with: 
  • Over 7000 practice words and thousands of sentences 
  • Over 100 hours of training 
  • Over 2000 photos and graphics Animated lessons 
  • 1020 listening exercises 
  • Hours of exercises for practicing Stress, Timing, Articulation, Intonation and Rhythm (S.T.A.I.R.) 
  • Four interactive, exciting, new games

Pronunciation Power 1 is the ultimate in NEW English language learning technology for beginner to intermediate learners. There is no other product like it! Pronunciation Power 1 includes the 8 in 1 English Dictionary at no additional charge!

*Translations in Arabic, Chinese (traditional and simplified), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese* 

Pronunciation Power 2

Pronunciation Power 2

The Ultimate Pronunciation CD ROM Pronunciation Power 2 is interactive and user-friendly. It is designed for intermediate to advanced English learners of all ages and contains hundreds of hours of instruction and practice.

Learn the 52 sounds necessary to speak clear English Compare your voice to the instructor's voice using the waveform technology See how sounds are made by way of a moving animated side view of the mouth and tongue and/or a front view video of the instructor's mouth Test your listening ability with 650 different sentence exercises Practice your pronunciation through the interactive and exciting exercises including: 780 sample words, 1040 comparative words, and 1040 different sentences Includes an extensive 40 page manual for the STAIR exercises; stress, timing, articulation, intonation, rhythm Buy Pronunciation Power 2 and improve your English pronunciation immediately!

Pronunciation Power Idioms
104 Idiom lessons with a picture, a description of the idiom and a recorded sample sentence.
3 interactive Exercise sections with 10 units each to help you practice your idioms. There are over 300 different exercise questions for you to answer and get feedback on.
10 interactive quizzes for you to test your idiom knowledge. Pronunciation Power Idioms uses memorable and unique illustrations to aid you in remembering English idioms!

8 in 1 English Dictionary

The First Pronunciation Dictionary! 8 in 1 English Dictionary will teach you all the English words you will ever need.

This dictionary will help you improve your pronunciation, reading comprehension, vocabulary and spelling abilities. It's many features include: 

 • Translations in 12 languages* 

 • Over 2000 pictures and graphics to help you learn 

 • Listening to and recording over 7000 words including plurals of the nouns and conjugations of the verbs 

 • Unique to 8 in 1 English Dictionary - 10 different ways to search for words: Choose from 39 themes

   (animals, colors, clothing etc.); Practice a sound in the beginning, middle or end of words; Search by

   alphabet letter or letter combinations; Choose only verbs or nouns *Translations in Arabic, Chinese

   (traditional and simplified), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and


Our 8 in 1 English Dictionary comes with pronunciation features not found in any other product.



Implementing a second language classroom or laboratory is a big commitment, and can require funding sources outside of normal budgets.  The links below provide ideas and resources on how to write funding proposals and where to look for outside funding.

Writing Grant Proposals:

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Finding Funding Sources:

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US State Department English Language Teaching & Learning

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Linguatronics Installation & Training ServicesINSTALLATION & TRAINING

When it is time to install your system in a language lab or second language classroom, Linguatronics has many options to meet your particular needs.

Linguatronics offers comprehensive, on-site installation services provided by trained technical staff.  If you decide to install our system yourself, we offer online and telephone installation support to guide you through the process.

During our on-site installation visits, we dedicate a good portion of our time to training your technical staff and end-users on system functionality and usage.  These training sessions are hands-on events, giving you valuable experience using the system in authentic situations.

If you decide to install your own system, we can make on-site training-only visits to train your staff.  Alternatively and additionally, you can use our on-line training service for complete system training or to brush-up on certain skill areas.  On-line training is available to registered users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Linguatronics Mainenance ContractsANNUAL MAINTENANCE

Keeping your Genesis system and accessories up-to-date is very important.  Many Linguatronics customers enroll in annual or multi-year maintenance contracts in order to keep their systems completely updated.  Computer technologies and operating systems change almost weekly.  It is important to keep your valuable Genesis system in line with these constant changes.

Linguatronics is constantly adding features to our software at customer requests.  In fact, most of our system's features have been suggested by great customers like you.  We want to ensure all of our customers have the newest software versions, so that everyone can share in the latest functions and features.

Linguatronics can design a maintenance plan that is right for you and your organization.  We will take into consideration your available technical staff, remote update possibilities and your standard upgrade procedures in creating your maintenance plan.

Please contact us to discuss your ongoing maintenance needs or to create a new plan for your organization.

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"The sun never sets on Linguatronics installations."

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Linguatronics has a worldwide dealer network.

To inquire about becoming a dealer, contact us here.

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