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Linguatronics has been providing digital language teaching solutions to education and industry since 1991. Our flagship system, Genesis, is used in language labs and classrooms throughout the world. Our Cloud-based service, KoBLü, expands your teaching opportunities to any virtual location on the planet, giving you the freedom and flexibility to teach on campus or from a remote mountain-top.  

At Linguatronics, we believe that technology is integral to effective language instruction. Human interaction is also absolutely essential in the process. By accommodating face-to-face interaction while in a digital virtual environment, our Genesis and KoBLü language training systems provide the best of both worlds - human interaction with collaborative digital technology. All different learning styles can be accommodated in any environment. In addition to language training systems, Linguatronics offers the best in language training content software, including English Discoveries for ESL learners and WorldView for foreign language learners. In any language learning environment, high-quality headsets are a key ingredient in making the learning experience productive and enjoyable. Linguatronics distributes Labstar headsets - the best language learning headsets in the world.


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Genesis, Koblu, ESL Software, Labstar, English Discoveries

Genesis, Koblu, ESL Software, Labstar, English Discoveries